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Five Uses for Residential Fencing You Didn’t Know About

5 Uses for Residential Fencing You Didn’t Know About

Most homeowners install a fence primarily to keep their property safe and enclosed – especially if they have young children or pets that could wander off. But beyond the added security, there are other handy uses for residential fencing that you probably didn’t know about. Modern fences today can serve many purposes – plus, they are much more affordable and customizable to suit a variety of different styles and needs. Learn more about how to make the most of your fence below!

Enhance the Architectural Style of Your Home

Is your home’s architectural style more contemporary, colonial, gothic, mid-century modern, or something in-between? No matter the style, you can find a fencing design that will enhance the entire curb appeal of your home.  With the versatility that’s available these days, homeowners can beautify their exterior with sleek aluminium, gothic wrought iron, maintenance-free vinyl or even the traditional picket-style fence. You may also choose a design that creates interest and draws the eye, such as hybrid fencing. This unique product combines the composition of steel with either wood or PVC for a unique colour combination and a cohesive yet sophisticated look.

Incorporate it Into Your Gardenscape

With such an array of materials and designs to choose from, it’s never been easier to choose a fence that will match with your landscape. In the past, options were much more limited when it came to the styles and materials that were used. But thanks to today’s modern advancements, fences are also being used and incorporated more into the gardenscape to enhance the surrounding area while still providing ample privacy. Hanging plants, garden décor features and solar lighting from the fence are simple, practical ways to really spruce your entire landscape. At Ideal Fence, we recommend iron as a residential fencing option since it is a timeless material that can enhance its surroundings while still blending in nicely with flower beds, trees, and bushes.

Keep Pests Out of Your Veggie Garden

Creating your own veggie garden at home can be such a rewarding project to take on – especially when you can eat what you’ve grown with your own two hands. But it can also be slightly devastating when your neighbourly wildlife and pests have munched away at your perfectly ripened tomatoes. If you have a veggie garden or plan to this season, be sure to install a fence around the perimeter to make sure that all of your hard work doesn’t get ruined by pests.

Increase Resale Value

Residential fencing is a sound investment when it comes to the resale value of your house. Potential buyers consider it a big draw, especially if they have young kids or pets. It can also boost the attractiveness of your home. After all, a beautiful fence can highlight features and present the property in a secure, established, and welcoming light. 

This is especially true if you live in a heavily populated area where, without a fence, there could be considerable privacy concerns. In addition, it accurately outlines the boundaries of your lot, showcasing all the space available so that buyers can fully take into account the yard dimensions. This perimeter boundary can also be helpful if you aren’t looking to sell in case your neighbours have concerns over where your property and theirs overlap. 

If any part of your home sits close to a busy road, you might find yourself avoiding opening up the windows and blinds due to the traffic. Passing cars create noise, dust, and potentially nosy drivers that like to peer indoors. You might feel trapped in your space and unable to go outside or enjoy the cross-breeze on a nice day. While fences enhance privacy, they can also be used to reduce issues associated with street noise and debris. 

If sound reduction is important to our clients, we recommend materials that either absorb or reflect sound waves so that they don’t become a problem. Wood and PVC/vinyl work best for this kind of residential fencing. We can still install an appealing look even if these materials weren’t your first choice, and the benefits from their presence will make all the difference when it comes to your property.

Whether you’re gearing up to take on a DIY fence project or if you need an entirely new one for your yard, consider these unique uses for residential fencing when you’re shopping around. Or just skip the hassle and give the fence experts a call at Ideal Fence. Our team is pleased to work with a variety of customers on all kinds of lot sizes, providing solutions for your needs no matter how big or small your yard is. Once we identify your reasons for getting residential fencing, we take the time to design a finished product that we believe will work best for you. We use the best quality materials sourced from Canadian manufacturers and offer competitive prices throughout Ottawa. Get in touch for your free quote today!

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