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Morning glory on fence

7 Plants to Grow On Your Fence

Morning glory on fence

7 Plants to Grow On Your Fence

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the appeal of your yard this year, you might want to consider growing some plants on your fence. There are lots of different plant varieties that will grow up and across a fence surface to enhance your entire yard during the warmer seasons. But if you want to make a real statement, here are some of the best varieties to consider. 

Morning Glory

Looking to cover a fence with vibrant colour? Ipomoea vine, better known as Morning Glory, will quickly grow across your fence and produce radiant flowers that bloom in the morning sun. These trumpet-shaped annuals produce stunning shades of purples, pinks, blues, and white. If you don’t spot any foliage in early summer, don’t fret, these drought-tolerant plants are often late bloomers but will produce beautiful fragrant flowers right up until the first frost.

Boston Ivy

If you want a hassle-free ivy for your fence, Boston Ivy is the one. Featuring glossy 3-pointed leaves and vivid hues of green throughout the summer, this plant will also showcase stunning red hues come fall. This ivy also produces small greenish flowers and dark blue berries that attract birds. It’s a low-maintenance plant that is tolerant to many soil conditions – just be careful, it will fill up your entire fence if you forget to prune it. 


Honeysuckle is a beautiful plant that is another ideal choice for your fence. It requires full sun but is quite tolerant to various soils conditions. This plant will produce bursts of vibrant yellow and red flowers that will fill your garden with its renowned sweet fragrance while also attracting plenty of pollinators and wildlife. There are many different kinds of honeysuckle plants, but all are relatively easy to care for and maintain.

English Ivy

Another popular Ivy that can easily cling to and climb along the fence is English Ivy. This variety flourishes in the shade and doesn’t need much attention or maintenance. It’s the type of fence cover you can plant and pretty much forget about. It will grow slowly within the first year or so but can accelerate quickly after that. This plant will fill your fence with elegant, vibrant green leaves. But be careful – just like Boston Ivy, this variety will cling to and grow just about everywhere once it takes off. So be sure to trim it back when needed.

Virginia Creeper

If you want something that will grow quickly in almost any location, Virginia Creeper is the one to choose. It’s hardy and resilient, so it won’t mind whether you plant it in light, shade or any soil type. It’s virtually maintenance-free and will turn an incredible shade of red during the fall season. Since this vine grows vigorously, it does have the potential of weighing down other plants or surfaces nearby, so keep an eye on it and prune it if it gets too out of control.

Silver Lace Vine

This drought-tolerant, semi-evergreen plant can grow up to 12 feet in a single year and will wind its way along any vertical surface. It produces stunning white flowers that also give off a lovely sweet scent. Caring for this vine is simple, though it does prefer moist soil and indirect light. It makes for a stunning addition to any fence and will fill your garden with an amazing fragrance too. Like most vines, be sure to trim it back as it can become invasive in a short amount of time.

Sweet Pea

With gem-like blooms and an incredible aroma, sweet pea is one of the most desirable plants among avid gardeners. It can easily be trained to grow up along your fence and will transform your garden into an elegant, English-style landscape.

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