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8 Reasons to Start Planning Your Spring Landscape Now

8 Reasons to Start Planning Your Spring Landscape Now

8 Reasons to Start Planning Your Spring Landscape Now

8 Reasons to Start Planning Your Spring Landscape Now

Whether you’ve been contemplating a new fence, patio or gardenscape, now is the ideal time to start planning your spring landscape projects. A detailed outline of what you want, and need is an essential part of beginning any project. And with ample time spent idling inside during the winter, you’ll be able to get a jumpstart on your design as soon as the ground thaws out. Here are a few good reasons to get started with your plans now.

Plan Ahead So You Can Start Sooner

The holidays are always a busy time of year, but once they’re over, there’s almost too much spare time spent cooped up indoors. That’s why the winter is the perfect time for planning home projects – especially if they can take your mind off of the frigid weather. Planning also takes time when you’re unsure of exactly what you need or want and what your budget will permit. Take advantage of those extended evenings to start mapping out your ideas, adjusting where necessary, and consulting with the experts for professional advice. It’ll make the process much easier and efficient once the spring arrives.

Helps You Tackle Problems in Advance

Being prepared and giving yourself lots of time to work out the details of what you want also lets you deal with any potential issues with your yard ahead of time. Whether it’s lack of privacy, poor drainage, or an issue with the terrain, starting in advance makes it easier to identify any problems and figure out the necessary solutions.

Create a Well-Integrated Master Plan

The spring and summer months are when life tends to speed up and get busy again. So, areas that need updating can often be rushed or haphazardly done, which can lead you with a mishmashed looking design. Landscapes look best when they’ve been well thought out with a master plan that can integrate all aspects – from hardscape to softscape – seamlessly together. Now, this doesn’t mean every single detail needs to be considered. But planning the broad scope of your project, like the colour concepts, proportions, and overall ambience, can help you achieve the dream design you’re going for.

Consider Safety Issues

A winter landscape plan can also help you tackle any safety issues you’ve noticed in your yard before the summer season arrives. This could include a wonky deck, broken patio stones, a pool fence or erosion problems. Anything that was cause for concern last year should be planned for to ensure your landscape is safe and secure for you and your family before the summer.

Get Ahead of the Summer Rush

Spring and summer are also very busy seasons for landscaping-based industries, including fence, pool, and patio installations. By having your plan sorted and ready to go, you can get ahead of the rush so you can have everything completed without having to wait for availability.

Secure Your Dates

With your plans all mapped out, you can also lock in your dates with your preferred company now to avoid any stress of dealing with booked outstretches, which can be common once the warmer weather arrives.

Enjoy Your Summer

Summertime is meant to be enjoyed, especially when we have such a short window of opportunity to soak it all in here in Canada. So, the last thing you should be doing is using your weekends for home reno projects when you could be relaxing and enjoying them instead. The kids will also be out of school for several months which can make projects more difficult to get done when they want to go outside and have fun in the backyard. Jumpstart it now so you can spend your weekends doing what you want to do.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether you plan to sell your home in the near or distant future, improving your landscape and exterior features with a well-thought-out plan will increase the value of your home significantly. And if don’t plan to sell, it will still dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home so you can feel good about showing it off when friends or family come to visit.

When you’re cooped up staying warm and cozy indoors, it’s the perfect time to take your mind off of the chilly weather by planning out your landscape for the spring. And if a new fence installation is on your agenda, give the experts a call at Ideal Fence. We can help you determine what you need, and which style and materials will suit your terrain and façade best. We will lock in your preferred date to have it all done and dusted before the summer. Contact us today with any questions or for an upfront quote.

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