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Choosing cheaper PVC fence is a risk!

What is the risk of choosing to go with a PVC/Vinyl that is less costly?

Cheaper PVC fence?

It is very easy to succumb to the lure of a cheaper PVC fence. Some of the issues homeowners in Ottawa have had to contend with over the years include: excessive product fading, chalking, cracking in colder weather, scratch marks, splitting of surface film, etc.

Due to the costs involved in setting up to manufacture quality PVC/Vinyl, purchasing PVC/Vinyl resin at a reasonable price (a world oil commodity), and the costs associated with constantly measuring manufacturing tolerances, the manufacturing of PVC/Vinyl is best left to large manufacturers. One of the advantages of the larger manufacturers is that they will be running many extruders at the same time. This allows them the opportunity to have a quality assurance department. One person is constantly taking samples of the product and measuring over 100 different variables.

Not to worry, our consultants can provide you with the necessary resources to help you avoid making this mistake.

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