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Electrostatic Powder Coating – What is it, and why it’s Great!

Electrostatic powder coating is a process during manufacturing that uses charged particles that allow the manufacturer to paint a workpiece more efficiently. Using either powdered particles or atomized liquid, paint is initially projected towards a conductive workpiece using typical spraying methods, and is then propelled toward the material being coated by a powerful electrostatic charge.

Dipping the electrically conductive parts into a tank of paint that is electrostatically charged is another way of electrostatic coating, or e-coating. By doing this, the manufacturer can control the thickness of the paint since the thickness of the finish is directly proportionate to the length of time the piece is left submersed in the tank of paint, as well as the time the piece is allowed to remain electrostatically active.

After removing the piece from the tank, the part is rinsed of any residue, and the thin film of paint is left bonded to the surface.

What are the advantages of Powder Coating?

  1. The biggest advantage is the even distribution of paint across the entire product.
  2. It’s environmentally friendly because no solvents are used and there is no waste from overspray.
  3. The paint coat contains UV stabilizers that provide long lasting shine.
  4. The process offers superior adhesion: the paint is literally baked right in.
  5. Electrostatic Powder Coating is more scratch resistant than conventional paint systems.

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