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Get the Most Out of Your Backyard Fence

Hosting family barbeques, lounging in the sun with a good book, watching the kids or pets play on the grass – the backyard is where so many amazing memories are made. To help make those moments even sweeter, install a fence to keep your outdoor space private, cozy, and inviting. A privacy fence can ease your worries by keeping kids and pets safer while sprucing up the look of your garden too. If you already have a new fence installed, here are some handy and creative ways to get the most out of your backyard fence.

Light It Up

One thing that always creates a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere is lighting. Whether inside or outside, light features set the mood for any occasion, even casual summer barbeques. So, think of how you can incorporate lights into your gardenscape. Whether it’s spotlights, solar lanterns, rope lights or Edison style bulbs, take advantage of your fence by using it to create a more inviting ambience in the backyard.

Turn It Into a Wall of Greenery

If you love the old, elegant English-style gardens, or if you just want to add more greenery and fragrance to your landscape, transform yours by planting climbers to grow up along your fence. Boston or English ivy are popular choices for avid gardeners since they grow easily without requiring much maintenance at all. Other climbing varieties that are ideal for covering the fence include sweet pea, wisteria, Virginia creeper, and honeysuckle, if you want something to smell as lovely as it looks.

Create a Backyard Movie Theatre

Forget about cramming into the movie theatre. If you have a vinyl fence, you can use it to create your own personal, cozy movie haven right in your own backyard. With a sizeable fence and projector screen, you can watch your favourite flicks with the kids in the comfort of home while enjoying those fresh autumn evenings. The best part is it doesn’t require much time, effort or money to make. You can easily find an affordable digital projector online, along with a suitable panel of screen fabric or simply use a thick white curtain if you prefer something cheaper. String it across using nearby trees or a clothesline. If that’s not available, use the fence posts to support the screen. Stretch out the fabric so it’s taut and wrinkle-free. 

Paint It

If you have a wooden fence and feel like changing up the look and vibe of your backyard, you can easily do so by painting it a different colour or stain. A fresh coat of colour can instantly uplift and change up the entire ambience of your outdoor space, whether you’re going for a chic boho look or something modern. Just be sure to prep the fence before adding a coat of paint to it.

Add Garden Décor

These days, there’s no shortage of creative décor pieces that are designed specifically for hanging along the fence. Take a stroll through your local garden centre or home décor store to find inspiring pieces to place along yours. Choose from metal dragonflies, butterflies, fence planters, or even old window frames for a rustic, vintage look. Combine these with your backyard fence lighting, and you’ll have an eye-catching display to enjoy throughout the year.

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