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PVC fencing compared to the cost of wood fencing

PVC fencing compared to the cost of wood fencing?

PVC fencing compared to the cost of wood fencing

Need a new fence for your property? Wondering whether PVC or wood is the better choice? Though both are popular, it’s helpful to understand the basic pros and cons of each, including the general cost comparison, maintenance, and longevity. Read on to learn about PVC vs wood so you can determine which makes the most sense for your property and budget.

PVC vs Wood – Variety of Design

Wood fencing takes the cake when it comes to design and aesthetics since it offers more options. As a natural material, it is innately beautiful. But it can also be easily transformed to suit any style exterior, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between. You can also paint or stain it whenever you want to change up the look of it. 

PVC has come a long way over the years, with many new styles now available, including ones that can mimic the look of other materials like wood. However, it lacks variety in comparison to wood fencing.

PVC vs Wood – Maintenance

Maintenance is just as important as the look of the fence. If you want minimal maintenance, vinyl is your best choice. PVC doesn’t require any fuss or upkeep. All that it needs is a hosing one in a while to remove any build-up of dirt. 

Conversely, since wood is a natural material, it is prone to warping and rotting if it’s not properly cared for. To avoid this, it will need to be cleaned and stained every other year or so. You might need to replace certain sections of it as well to keep the fence in good shape.

PVC vs Wood – Cost

As mentioned, wood costs less upfront. However, when you take into account the overall upkeep that it needs as well as potential replacements, it can end up costing homeowners more in the long run. Since PVC is extremely durable and won’t need any additional maintenance work, it will save you more over the long term.

PVC vs Wood – Longevity

When it comes to longevity, both materials will last a long period of time, but of course, since PVC is synthetic, it will last longer. In many cases, it has a lifespan of over 30 years. In comparison, wood can last up to 20 years if it is well maintained.

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