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How to Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Great Until Spring

How to Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Great Until Spring

How to Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Great Until Spring

Being proactive about maintenance and care is always the best way to avoid spending more money on fencing repairs and upkeep. To keep your wood fence looking great until spring, here’s how to help it survive during the long winter months.

Apply Stain Before Winter

Even if it’s too late to do so now, it’s important to remember that resealing your wood fence can add an extra layer of protection to help safeguard it from moisture damage. So well before the winter weather arrives next year, purchase some stain and give it a good coating.

Keep an Eye On it After Storms

Winter weather can be rough on fences, so it’s always a good idea to take a look over it to after any major storms to inspect for damage. Check for any dips in the fence and give the posts a wiggle to see if they’re still solid and secure in the ground. If you notice any discrepancies, you may need to have them replaced once the springtime arrives.

Avoid Piling Snow Near the Fence

When the snow accumulates, it can be easy to neglect your fence when you’re shovelling the yard and trying to clear a path, but know that piling snow close to your fence can be very damaging to it. The heavy weight of snow and ice, combined with the moisture during the freeze and thaw cycles can impact the wood and also cause areas of the fence to shift and bend.

Trim any Precarious Branches

As the snow falls along tree branches, the weight and icy conditions can easily cause them to snap and fall. If they’re lingering over your fence, they can end up doing a significant amount of damage if they’re large enough. The best defence is to clear away any potential hazardous branches near and over the fence.

Choose a Quality Contractor and Wood

When it comes down to the durability of your fence, the quality of materials and installation really matters. A reputable fencing company will know all of the variables to consider before installing it so it can withstand these types of conditions with minimal risk of shifting or warping.

As Canadians, we know that even when you take all of the precautions necessary, damage can still happen during our long winter months. If you’re left with any issues with your fence after the winter season, contact us at Ideal Fence. Whether you need repairs or an entire replacement, we can provide a free estimate and reliable service for all of your residential or commercial fencing needs.  

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