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Predicted Backyard Trends 2021

Predicted Backyard Trends for 2021

Predicted Backyard Trends 2021

After 2020, many of us have a whole new appreciation for outdoor living spaces. If you’re looking for ways to revamp your outdoor layout, here are our predicted backyard trends for 2021 to give you some creative and inspiring ideas.

Wildflower Gardens

Forget about mowing, raking, and meticulously maintaining your grass. Lawns are a thing of the past! As homeowners look for more ways to interact with their garden for leisure, while also minimizing maintenance, wildflower gardens are becoming the new norm. Wildflowers are not only stunning once they blossom, but they’re easy to maintain. They’re also better for the environment and pollinators like bees and butterflies. If you’re tired of mowing and tending to your grass, consider transforming it for a wildflower garden instead.

Outdoor Living

With more of us working from home and spending plenty of time indoors, it’s forced many of us to reevaluate our backyard space and think of ways to make it more comfortable. Instead of the garden being a separate part of the home, it’s becoming an extension of it, with designs that are focusing on a cozy, luxurious and beautiful setting outside to lounge and enjoy, even more than inside. If your patio set up is underwhelming, you can add some comfy seating, a rug, potted flowers along the deck, and cool lighting features to illuminate it so you can enjoy it late into the evenings.

Home Grown Food with Raised Garden Beds

One trend that has exploded this year and shows no signs of slowing down is homegrown food using raised garden beds. Aside from providing an outlet and new hobby, it’s also a great way to teach kids, get them involved, and also save money on food. Using raised garden beds make it easier since you can control your soil and prevent pests from nibbling at your produce.

Revamping the Fence for Enhanced Privacy

Creating a backyard retreat to lounge comfortably in means having ample privacy from neighbours. That’s why new and improved fencing is another popular trend of 2021. Whether it’s modern, decorative or traditional, a good sturdy fence is a must-have for creating the ultimate chill-out zone in the backyard.

Green Walls

Even smaller backyards have lots of potential for growing herbs and veggies. Green walls let you take advantage of your fence or other structure by attaching plants vertically so you can still enjoy some fresh greenery.

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