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Predicted Backyard Trends for 2022

Predicted Backyard Trends for 2022

With so many people embracing their backyards and balconies as a source of enjoyment, inspiration, and serenity over the past two years, it’s safe to say outdoor living is here to stay. With the warmer months just around the corner, we have compiled our list of predicted trends for 2022 so you can start planning sooner rather than later. Let’s get started!

Seamless Living Spaces

Creating an ideal outdoor living space isn’t enough anymore. People want to incorporate the way they feel outside when inside. Enclosing an area close to your back door can make it feel like an extension of your home. We have plenty of fencing options to choose from to contain your space while not shutting it off from the rest of your yard. A screen door completes the space by providing easy access and allows the fresh air to flow inward. 

Gardening with Wildlife in Mind

There’s something special about a bird or squirrel finding as much solace in your outdoor space as you do. Create space for them to travel throughout your garden so they can come and go seamlessly, and not interrupt your hard work in the process. Install a low bird bath as a water source for wildlife visitors. Along the ground, create passages among your flower beds for small animals to run through. Planting tall glade flowers, like bluebells, coral bells, and foxgloves will provide shelter for frogs, toads and invertebrates.

Water Features

Transforming a backyard into an oasis is possible when it’s complete with the sounds of a babbling brook or gentle waterfall. Whether you have ample or a little space, water features offer an exceptionally peaceful environment. De-stress and meditate to a small contemporary-looking fountain or put in a pond with koi and watch them grow.

Bi-Colour Flowers

A lush flower bed is a sight to marvel at. While we all have our favourite colours and flower varieties, it can be a little repetitive. Consider introducing a bi-colour flowering plant that can add interest. These plants can be subtle, with just a ring or shade of another colour like lilies, or overt with strikingly different coloured petals, like petunias and pansies.

It’s never too early to get started on planning updates to your outdoor area for the spring, summer and fall. Fencing is a great way to contain and define your space, as well as provide privacy. At Ideal Fence, we know this all too well. We can help you pick the right material and type to suit your unique backyard needs. Check out our work and contact us to learn more!

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