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Prepare Your Fencing for the Summer in Spring

Prepare Your Fencing for the Summer in Spring

Prepare Your Fencing for the Summer in Spring

Now that the snow has finally melted and you can actually see your fence and back porch again, you’ll be faced with the mess that winter leaves behind. Wobbly posts, broken trellis or signs of moisture damage are all common issues that will need to be fixed or replaced. That's why we’re here to give you the basic rundown on how to prepare your fencing for the summer in spring. You can take steps now to avoid doing it during those sunny summer weekends.


Walk The Line


Take a note from Johnny Cash and walk the line of your fence to start off. This is important so you can check all along the fence posts and panels to ensure you’re not missing any damaged areas. While you’re inspecting, be sure to give the posts a wiggle and look out for any signs of wood rot on the boards or loosened areas.


Power Wash It


To remove dirt build-up, mould spores, and grime left over from the harsh winter weather, give the fence a good power wash. This will also help you pinpoint any areas that might need new screws or boards.


Make Repairs Or Replacements


Once you’ve cleaned and identified any areas that could use some attention, now’s the time to address them. You can do this yourself or hire a fencing contractor instead to perform them for you. Either way, it’s good to have any issues seen to now so you don’t have to worry about it during the hot summer months.


Add Stain Or Paint To It


Treating a wooden fence with a stain or adding a coat of paint to it can help protect and preserve the wood while improving the aesthetics of it. Adding a wood stain or a clean and neutral colour can help transform your entire yard, making it look prepped and ready to take on those glorious summer BBQs!


Final Touches


Once all of that’s complete, it’s just a matter of adding any final touches needed. This could include weeding around the fence areas, planting shrubs to compliment it, adding fence toppers, and cleaning up the landscaping to make it all come together nicely.


If you’re in need of some repairs or replacements to prepare your fencing in the summer for spring, we have you covered! Our experts at Ideal Fence can take care of any repairs, maintenance or installations you need. Contact us today!


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