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4 of the Best Fencing Types for Pool Enclosures

4 of the Best Fencing Types for Pool Enclosures

If you own a pool, then there are many good reasons to invest in a high-quality, dependable enclosure. Keep out unwanted animals, pets, wandering children, and more with a fencing solution that is both practical and beautiful. This will not only secure your pool but also enhance the appearance of your property! In fact, the city of Ottawa states that all pool owners must erect and maintain an enclosure.


With their anti-rusting capabilities and lower installation costs, many pool owners tend to opt for aluminum fencing. It does a great job at limiting access to the pool enclosure with a non-intrusive, simple look. It’s pretty difficult to damage an aluminum fence as well, given their high durability and resilience to most weather types.

Tempered Glass

Want unobstructed views and as minimalistic of an enclosure as possible? Consider tempered glass fencing! It’s available in frameless or semi-frameless varieties and made tall enough so that you don’t need to worry about the kids or family beagle diving in for a swim without permission. With plenty of strength to survive most weather types and a simplistic design, glass pool enclosures can modernize the look of your backyard while keeping your pool off-limits when you need it to be.

Are you looking for a sturdy, super-strong fence that doesn’t act like a wind barrier? Take a look at Vinyl coated chain link fencing enclosures for your pool. Highly efficient, reliable, and built to last, they offer a dependable year-round solution. Their smaller links make sure nothing is going to get into your pool – other than wind – unless if you want it to. This type of fencing won’t rust and can continue looking great while being practical for a long time to come.

Wrought Iron

Going for a more elegant, classic look? A wrought iron fence is an excellent choice if you need a pool enclosure that’s strong and beautiful. Highly durable and designed in a manner to prevent children from climbing over them, this type of fencing provides a more upscale appearance without sacrificing the security of your enclosure. You can also see through the bars to ensure nothing has fallen in without having to go in and out – perfect for those moments when you’re busy in the kitchen and want to ensure the kids haven’t snuck into the pool!

There are many great fencing solutions for your pool’s enclosure. If you’re having a hard time deciding, reach out to us at Ideal Fence! We’re happy to discuss your use case and needs with you to determine the ideal fencing solution.

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