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You can’t beat the strength of a metal, aluminum, or iron fence! These not only offer a classic look but are also incredibly durable. The rails are next to impossible to weld or saw through, making them the perfect fence materials for enhanced security too. Learn more below about the benefits of these fence materials and why our team at Ideal Fence always recommend them to our customers.

Incredible Strength

The more durable a fence is, the longer it will last and the better it will be at protecting your property. That is why so many people are choosing iron, metal, and aluminum fencing for their properties. These materials are incredibly strong and will continue to look like new for years, requiring little to no maintenance on your part.

Timeless Aesthetics

Metal, aluminum and iron fencing options are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a way to beautify their home. These types of fences allow visitors and those who pass by to notice your beautiful landscape and home while still providing a layer of security and protection for your property. Best of all, you can custom design any of these fence materials with a choice of finishes and intricate designs to suit your property or to provide a unique look that can improve your curb appeal and home value.

Maintenance Free

As mentioned above, these materials require very little maintenance even years down the road. Aluminum requires much less maintenance than iron and most other types of fences due to its protective coatings. You won’t need to repaint it or even have it refinished, saving you money in the long term. Iron fences, on the other hand, are immune to rotting and warping, making it easier to maintain over the years.

High-Quality Materials

We only use the highest quality aluminum and steel for our fences. We also ensure that each of our fences is coated with top-of-the-line coated protection to prevent rust and damage. Our fences are also animal-proof and child-proof and come with quality latch hardware and decorative post caps.

At Ideal Fence, we offer expert installation and services for any of your fence related needs. Our certified and highly trained staff will help design, install and maintain your new fence. If you’re looking for a replacement, our specialists will come to your home and access your requirements to ensure you receive the best solution for your needs. Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminum is a very desirable metal fencing material because it is more malleable and elastic than steel. Aluminum can go places and create shapes that steel cannot, often forming deeper or more intricate spinnings. Especially for parts with deep and straight walls, aluminum is the material of choice. Steel is a very tough and resilient metal but cannot generally be pushed to the same extreme dimensional limits as aluminum without cracking or ripping during the spinning process.

While malleability is very important for manufacturing, aluminum’s greatest attribute is that it is corrosion resistant without any further treatment after it is spun. Aluminum fencing doesn’t rust. With aluminum, there is no paint or coating to wear or scratch off. Steel or “carbon steel” in the metals world (as opposed to stainless steel) usually needs to be painted or treated after spinning to protect it from rust and corrosion, especially if the steel part will be at work in a moist, damp or abrasive environment.

Iron and Aluminum fences incorporate unique design elements that lend a decorative, highly artistic elegance to any property that is unmatched by other fencing materials. Iron and Aluminum fencing materials are also often selected for the enhanced security level they provide. It is also a highly resilient, strong, and reliable fencing solution that is effective at safeguarding any property.

Both products require an Electrostatic Powder Paint Coating. This is the same paint finish that is used on vehicles.

  • The biggest advantage of Electrostatic Powder Coating is the even distribution of paint across the entire product.
  • It’s environmentally friendly because no solvents are used and there is no waste from overspray.
  • The paint coat contains UV stabilizers that provide long-lasting shine.
  • The process offers superior adhesion: the paint is literally baked right in.
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating is more scratch-resistant than conventional paint systems.

The most popular colour of iron or aluminum fencing material is Black, but several other colours or finishes are available. Check out our suppliers to see what is available.

Client Testimonials

A very positive experience from sale to completion of installation. Would highly recommend for a professional installation.

Trever Morrison, Kare-Mor

My experience dealing with the guys from Ideal fence were first class. René the owner, from beginning to end , kept communication on point throughout the entire job. Considering this was my first large scale fencing project, I couldn’t have asked for things to go as smooth, and the very large crew of men ensured things wouldn’t drag on. I thank Rene and his entire staff for a great job, cheers to the gentle giant!!

Matthew Leger, Maintenance Manager at Paramount Properties

As a fellow tradesman, I have gotten to know Francis Cote and his team quite well. He is detail-oriented, hardworking and focuses on the client is exceptional. If you are looking for someone to help you with your fencing project, Francis and his team would be an excellent choice. We recommended them to all our clients.

Dan Barnabe, Chief Estimator at Stone by Design

Owning a landscape construction company, I have worked with many contractors. When I contacted Ideal fence they provided me with prompt and professional service. I was impressed with their timeliness and clear effort it took to complete the job in a timely fashion. I have used them for multiple jobs since. My client was very happy with the finished product.

Ryan Crompton, Green Roots Landscaping
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