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A fence is about more than defining the perimeter of your outdoor space. It’s a focal point, a key part of your yard that sets the tone for its surroundings. Materials can come in a variety of shapes and sizes that all create a unique look, depending on the one you choose. If you are struggling to decide between a few different options, a hybrid fence might be ideal for you. As the name implies, it combines two materials into one finished presence, showcasing the traditional composition of aluminium with the effortless class of wood or PVC.

These materials are popular on their own, but when used together, they create a sight to be marvelled at. With a seamless look that conveys grandeur, many homeowners choose this type of fencing for its combination of benefits. At Ideal Fence, we have a variety of hybrid fence options to suit the needs of all of our customers.

What is a hybrid fence?

A hybrid fence melds two different fencing options into one cohesive look. It is grounded by powder-coated aluminium posts, complete with a matte black finish, to create visual interest and for durability. Each post is spaced out accordingly and then linked together with rails that hold the chosen type of material in place. Homeowners can then decide on pressure-treated wood, cedar boards, or PVC to fill the space in between.

Metal and wood fences combine beautiful, natural features with contrasting posts for a clean, interesting look. Similarly, PVC is a material with a soft colour palette. It can lighten the space with soft hues which may match the overall appearance of your yard or serve as inspiration for your next project.

What are the benefits of a hybrid fence?

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, hybrid fences are functional and useful for the needs of all different kinds of outdoor spaces. Whether you are on a corner lot with a lot of traffic or want to keep your dogs from barking when they see the neighbours, this option has you covered. For those looking for privacy, these fences are an obvious choice as the tight spacing does not allow for the gaze of wandering eyes. They also add a layer of soundproofing thanks to their tight composition.

Strength and durability are what draw most customers to these materials. Both PVC and wood can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and wind which are common in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. In addition, they are also pest resistant and low maintenance, allowing customers to enjoy them without having to put in too much effort to keep them looking great.

Homeowners choosing hybrid fences can also pick which way the slats run, either horizontally or vertically. This gives customers a sense of personalization beyond picking their material, a custom-design option not available with all fence types. This stately look certainly draws the eye, but only you will be able to see what’s behind it!

How do I know if a hybrid fence is right for my yard?

This type of fencing works best in most yards. If you are looking for privacy, it is an ideal option as the aluminium posts allow it to be tall, and there’s minimal spacing between all the pieces. However, if you are looking for something that is still aesthetically pleasing but less confining, you might prefer a full iron fence with varying degrees of privacy based on the spacing between slats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each rail, post, and piece of hardware is made from aluminium with a powder-coated matte black finish. These design elements are used to create the unique, contrasting look of hybrid fencing. From there, customers can choose from PVC or wood, either pressure-treated or red cedar for the latter, to complete the final look they are going for.

These types of fences are no more difficult to maintain than others. Ultimately, the material you choose to fill the slats of the fence will determine the level of maintenance required. For example, if you choose wood, you may stain or seal it to further get the colour or hue you prefer. In that case, you will likely have to complete yearly touch-ups, along with an annual cleaning. PVC fencing is a bit lower in terms of maintenance requirements, arriving already finished in the colour you prefer. However, it will still require proper washing at least once a year to ensure it is clean from dirt and debris.

Due to their rigid nature, fully iron fences are difficult to install on hills. However, because this type of fencing combines metal with other materials, it can readily be installed on yards with different grading or in hillier areas.

At Ideal Fence, we specialize in all types of materials to help you complete the yard you’ve always wanted. If you are looking for custom fencing solutions in Ottawa, we can help. To learn more about our hybrid options or to get a free quote, contact us today.

Client Testimonials

A very positive experience from sale to completion of installation. Would highly recommend for a professional installation.

Trever Morrison, Kare-Mor

My experience dealing with the guys from Ideal fence were first class. René the owner, from beginning to end , kept communication on point throughout the entire job. Considering this was my first large scale fencing project, I couldn’t have asked for things to go as smooth, and the very large crew of men ensured things wouldn’t drag on. I thank Rene and his entire staff for a great job, cheers to the gentle giant!!

Matthew Leger, Maintenance Manager at Paramount Properties

As a fellow tradesman, I have gotten to know Francis Cote and his team quite well. He is detail-oriented, hardworking and focuses on the client is exceptional. If you are looking for someone to help you with your fencing project, Francis and his team would be an excellent choice. We recommended them to all our clients.

Dan Barnabe, Chief Estimator at Stone by Design

Owning a landscape construction company, I have worked with many contractors. When I contacted Ideal fence they provided me with prompt and professional service. I was impressed with their timeliness and clear effort it took to complete the job in a timely fashion. I have used them for multiple jobs since. My client was very happy with the finished product.

Ryan Crompton, Green Roots Landscaping
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