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PVC/Vinyl Fencing

Are you looking for a long-lasting and affordable fencing material for your yard? PVC Vinyl fencing is your best bet. Today, it’s one of the fastest growing products in the fencing industry because it has many advantages over wood, iron and chain link fencing. However, it’s best known for its low maintenance and aesthetic properties. In fact, our PVC fencing options come in many different styles, sizes, and colours that can be used to add an impressive look to your home. So if you’re looking for a new fencing option that won’t break the bank but can still offer you all the advantages of wood, our team at Ideal Fence can help you get the right one for your property.

Highly Durable

PVC/Vinyl is an incredibly strong and durable fence material. It will never crack, rot, rust, split, or warp.  In fact, it’s designed to last up to 30 years with proper care. It’s also built to withstand extreme Canadian weather conditions, boasting impressive windproofing abilities and wind load resistance.

According to CTV News the May 22, 2022 wind storm, Ottawa received up to 190 kmh (114 mph) wind gusts and more or less 98% of our PVC fences withstood these extreme conditions. We do prefer to mention that they could withstand up 104-144 kmh (65-90 mph) wind load to be realistic, but this windstorm proved our PVC fences to be well worth the expense!

Low Maintenance

With zero maintenance requirements, a PVC/Vinyl fence can save you thousands of dollars over its lifetime. You’ll never have to paint it, treat it, or apply varnish. Plus, it’s highly resistant to UV light so it won’t fade over time. Once it’s installed, all you need to do is give it a quick wash, and it will look brand new — even years down the road.

Privacy & Appeal

PVC/Vinyl also comes in many different colours and shades, so it’s easy to match the material to your home’s design. These types of fences can also provide you with ample privacy and to keep any peering eyes out of your yard. And thanks to a glossy appearance, a PVC/vinyl fence can even help to enhance the overall aesthetics of your yard and home.

Child and Pet-Friendly

If you have children or pets, a PVC/Vinyl fence is the way to go! You won’t have to worry about their clothes or fur getting caught on a sharp edge or a splinter causing harm. Plus, animals can’t chew through your PVC fence as they could with wood. Our PVC/Vinyl materials are tough, smooth and dependable.

An Excellent Investment

It’s actually one of the only fencing designs that will save you money over its lifetime. PVC Vinyl is known to last more than 30 years, even with minimal care. Plus, it’s very low maintenance – you’ll never have to paint it, treat it, or stain it which can save you thousands in upkeep costs.

Exceptional Features

This type of fence is not just low-maintenance, but it’s also non-toxic, recyclable, as well as, child and pet-friendly. And unlike other materials, it does not have to be treated with harmful chemicals – the materials are already UV, insect and rot resistant. The material is also highly durable and fire resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about it rusting, cracking, warping or rotting even under extreme Canadian weather conditions.

Easy Installation

With PVC Vinyl, the installation process is quick and easy. The H-post product is sleeved over industrial grade pipe, and the rails are tightly bolted to prevent any movement. This simple process allows you to have a fence up in a matter of hours or days with minimal disruption.

Optimal Privacy

If you have pets, children, or heavy equipment you want to keep safe and away from prying eyes, PVC Vinyl fencing can deliver.  There are a variety of choices of spacing between the slats so that you can have as much or as little privacy as you need. You can even add toppers or 8-foot panels to add more security to your home.


To learn more about the benefits of PVC Vinyl fencing and how it can improve the look of your home, contact us at Ideal Fence. Our fencing pros are ready to discuss your needs and show you all the available models and styles that we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can accommodate your needs and vision. Contact us today to discuss the specific design, size, and function that you are looking for and we will make it happen.

No, not necessarily. We sell a range of picket style vinyl fences that offer a completely private and obstructed view. But we also have a few topper options that will not completely hinder your view.

Yes, we do. We have a range of gate options to perfectly match your vinyl fence design, including 3-rail side gates, aluminum tops, lattice tops, and picket tops. Each gate style comes in a variety of vinyl capstock and UV protective capstock colours. We even offer special two-tone design options for more personalization.

Yes, our smart H-post design is engineered to be suitable for all-terrain types. This includes uneven terrain, slopes, and irregular lot shapes.

We use the All-Season PVC fences that are made and supplied by a manufacturer in Toronto. The All-Season PVC fence is a well-made and superior quality product. With proven dependability, exceptional strength, and maintenance-free security, we believe it is the best on the market.

The All Season PVC Fence is the strongest fence available on the market today. This fence is also equipped with unique, heavy-duty H-posts. This makes the fence incredibly strong and long-lasting. The All-Season Fence also has significant visual appeal, offers many customizable options, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty covers defects in the material and manufacturing workmanship. The All-Season Fence is designed to never peel, pit, rot, blister, warp, crack, weather or be consumed by insects. If a defect occurs under proper use and installation, the fence will be repaired, or the defective material replaced.

With proper use and treatment, the vinyl fence can last up to 30 years. Given the proper care, it could even outlive the siding along your home.

Vinyl requires little upkeep and maintenance. To clean it, simply use a hose to wash away any dirt and debris. Hard to remove material like algae can be brushed away with soapy water and a scrub brush. There are also several specialized cleaners on the market that you can use that will provide a protective layer against mold.

Client Testimonials

A very positive experience from sale to completion of installation. Would highly recommend for a professional installation.

Trever Morrison, Kare-Mor

My experience dealing with the guys from Ideal fence were first class. René the owner, from beginning to end , kept communication on point throughout the entire job. Considering this was my first large scale fencing project, I couldn’t have asked for things to go as smooth, and the very large crew of men ensured things wouldn’t drag on. I thank Rene and his entire staff for a great job, cheers to the gentle giant!!

Matthew Leger, Maintenance Manager at Paramount Properties

As a fellow tradesman, I have gotten to know Francis Cote and his team quite well. He is detail-oriented, hardworking and focuses on the client is exceptional. If you are looking for someone to help you with your fencing project, Francis and his team would be an excellent choice. We recommended them to all our clients.

Dan Barnabe, Chief Estimator at Stone by Design

Owning a landscape construction company, I have worked with many contractors. When I contacted Ideal fence they provided me with prompt and professional service. I was impressed with their timeliness and clear effort it took to complete the job in a timely fashion. I have used them for multiple jobs since. My client was very happy with the finished product.

Ryan Crompton, Green Roots Landscaping
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