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5 Signs Your Fence Needs Repairs

5 Signs Your Fence Needs Repairs

5 Signs Your Fence Needs Repairs

5 Signs Your Fence Needs Repairs

Is your fence starting to sway or lean to one side? These are common signs that your fence needs repairs. To avoid bigger problems and expensive replacements, find out what issues you should address as soon as they start to appear.

Cracks and Rotting Spots

Wooden fences are susceptible to winter damage. Even if you properly maintain it, eventually your fence can start to show signs of rot. This can impact the aesthetics of your fence and also its strength. Once wet spots start to form, they can also cause the wood to crack and soften. How can you prevent this from happening? Choose quality hardwood fencing materials that are resistant to decay. Also, make sure its pressure-treated with a protective coat of stain. Another option is to replace the fence with materials that can withstand the winter weather more easily, like vinyl.

Leaning Fence Materials

Leaning indicates that the materials have weakened, or the posts have shifted out of place. If it’s been recently installed, it’s a sign that either the materials are not strong enough for the weather conditions in your area or that the installation was done poorly. Either way, you’ll need to have it repaired or even replaced depending on the amount of damage that has already been done.

Rust Spots

Some fencing materials, like wrought iron and chain link fencing, will eventually rust when exposed to snow and rain. Some small spots can easily be touched up with a rust treatment, but when it starts to corrode it will ultimately weaken and reduce the structural integrity of your fence. As soon as you spot rust, it’s important to take action and have it repaired and restored.

Missing Boards

Freeze and thaw cycles can do a number on your fence. Even the most durable materials can eventually crack and split, causing the boards to become loose. One missing board isn’t always a cause for concern, but when a number of boards start to fall, you’ll want to have that repaired before BBQ season kicks off so it’s not an eyesore.  

Loose Fasteners

Screws and nails can also become loose and fall out. You can easily add new ones, but there will come a time where you simply can’t replace them anymore. As soon as the structure of the fence becomes compromised, the fasteners won’t be enough to keep your fence upright. Whenever you start to notice loose or fallen screws and nails, call in a professional to come and repair it before more damage can occur.

Whether you need a simple repair or full replacement, Ideal Fence is just one call away. Our fencing professionals can tackle any problem, either big or small. Contact us today for your free quote.

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