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5 Ways to Prepare Your Fence for the Winter

5 Ways to Prepare Your Fence for the Winter

5 Ways to Prepare Your Fence for the Winter

The winter season can do a real number on your fence if you’re not careful. Freezing cold temperatures and heavy snow can cause damage and impact the integrity of your fence. To ensure yours can withstand the tough Canadian elements, follow these 5 steps to prepare your fence for the winter weather.  

Clear Away Leaves

Have you cleared the fallen leaves from your backyard yet? Leaves left out on your lawn can blow right up against your fence, putting extra weight on the posts and boards. Add heavy ice and snow, and your fence can warp, blister and crack. If you think that’s bad enough, piles of wet leaves can trap in moisture which can lead to wood rot, rust damage, and algae growth, wreaking havoc on your fence.

Wash Off Any Mildew

A wet fall season can result in mold and mildew formation on your fence. Leaving this on through the winter will only create more problems. So be sure to give your fence a good cleaning this fall with the hose.

Cut Branches

Cold weather can make your fencing materials less flexible and robust, so be sure to remove any potential threats that could impact its structural integrity. This includes cutting down any hanging branches that could fall and damage your fence. 

Repair Outstanding Issues

Any holes, cracks, loose boards, sagging, or decaying materials should be repaired now. If these are not corrected before the snow and ice come, you’ll have to wait till spring to fix it. Considering we have long winters here in Canada, it’s likely any minor damage will have time to turn into major issues, costing you more in the long run than fixing it now.

Waterproof It

Now’s also a good time to check the waterproofing of your fence to see if the coating is still protecting it from all the elements. If you splash water on it and the liquid soaks into the materials, it’s time to add more sealant. 

If your fence needs some attention before winter, contact us at Ideal Fence. Our experts will come and inspect your fence, repair any weak spots, and ensure it’s in the right condition to stand strong against the winter weather. Our skilled team has experience with all types of fence materials and can even install a new one if it’s time to replace your existing fence. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your winter fence preparations.

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