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Get a Fence That Will Last You a Lifetime with PVC/Vinyl Fencing

Get a Fence That Will Last You a Lifetime with PVC/Vinyl Fencing

At Ideal Fence, we specialize in high-quality, dependable fencing solutions that can make any residential or commercial property more inviting and secure. Our PVC/Vinyl fencing is popular as ever, and there are many reasons why. Let’s take a look at the ones that matter most to customers in search of a fence that will last them a lifetime.

Built to Weather Canadian Winters

PVC/Vinyl fencing is made to handle almost everything Mother Nature can throw at them, and then some, for a long time to come. Much stronger than wood, they’re going to take a lot more than a wicked windstorm to get knocked down! The materials used are designed to survive every season and weather type, right down to saltwater and harsh temperatures. This strength and flexibility means that PVC and vinyl fences can be a sound investment if you want something that can really take a beating.

According to CTV News the May 22, 2022 wind storm, Ottawa received up to 190 kmh (114 mph) wind gusts and more or less 98% of our PVC fences withstood these extreme conditions. We do prefer to mention that they could withstand up 104-144 kmh (65-90 mph) wind load to be realistic, but this windstorm proved our PVC fences to be well worth the expense!

Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Strength

PVC/Vinyl fencing can easily be wiped down or cleaned with a hose, so there’s no need to strain yourself with endless maintenance or care. These high-strength materials also look better for much longer, so you won’t have to be continually repainting or performing extensive repairs. Many home and business owners opt for PVC/Vinyl fencing for this reason — less hassle and greater peace of mind! Many of these fences end up lasting a lifetime, so take advantage of owning one and knowing it’s there for the long run.

Stylish Privacy

PVC/Vinyl fencing not only last a lifetime, but they can look just as good for just as long. There are all sorts of fence styles and colours readily available to ensure that perfect match with your property’s exterior appearance, so go ahead and be creative! In addition to a wide assortment of designs and colours, PVC/Vinyl fencing offer a great deal of privacy, perfect for when you need your own personal oasis at home or a private, employees-only area outdoors at work. The thick, sturdy panels and supports will keep out prying eyes and unwanted pests with ease.

Are you a home or business owner in need of a reliable fencing solution that will last for a long time, all while looking good and being easy to maintain? A PVC/Vinyl fence just might be for you! Our PVC/Vinyl fence products feature an innovative H-post along with thick, robust rails and boards, giving you an even stronger and more durable fence for longer! Contact us today at Ideal Fence to learn more about our high-quality fencing products and installation service.

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