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Pre-Winter Wood Fence Maintenance 101

Pre-Winter Wood Fence Maintenance 101

Pre-Winter Wood Fence Maintenance 101

Do you feel that crispness in the air? Winter is definitely on its way. For those who own wooden fences, this is when concern over their condition tends to set in, but don’t worry! With a few pointers, you can ensure your fencing remains strong and in excellent shape all season long. Today, let’s go over some pre-winter wood fence maintenance tips to help you protect your investment.

Inspect for Weak Spots

Before the snow starts flying, it’s a good idea to take an up-close look at your fence to check for weak spots, such as cracked supports or damaged panels. Try using high-quality wood filler where it’s needed when performing repairs. Other things to watch out for include decay, protruding nails, and any signs of leaning. This will ensure your wooden fence holds up nicely and can better withstand those winter storms that are sure to come.

Take Care of Those Pesky Tree Limbs

If you have a wood fence that’s within touching distance of tree limbs and branches, be sure to keep them neatly trimmed. This will not only protect the health of your trees but also spare your fencing from unwanted and otherwise expensive damage. It’s also a great way to ensure your home or business isn’t battered with airborne tree limbs or branches that can break loose!


If you really want your wood fence to stand up to rain, snow, sleet, and everything in-between this winter, be sure to waterproof it thoroughly. Moisture can otherwise soak into the wood and cause it to rot from the inside out, among other things. Using a waterproof paint, stain, or sealant is usually an effective way to curb this risk, saving you on repairs later on and keeping your fence looking its best. To determine whether your wood fence is still water resistant (if you’ve waterproofed it before), try pouring a little water on various parts of it to see if it remains on the surface. If it gets absorbed, then you’ll need to apply new waterproofing.

Check for and Remove Debris

Leaves, stones, garbage, fallen branches, and other forms of debris can be crushed against your fence by the wind and heavy snows typical of a Canadian winter. This can cause significant damage to the bottom of a wood fence over time if left uncared for. Before you can’t see anything on the ground, be sure to clear away all the debris found near your fence to reduce the risk of this happening.

We hope these tips will help you protect your investment not just this winter, but for many more to come! At Ideal Fence, we specialize in high-quality fencing solutions of a variety of materials that are built to last, including wooden fences. Contact us today for details.

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