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The 5 Best Ways to Incorporate Your Fence into Your Garden

The 5 Best Ways to Incorporate Your Fence into Your Garden

The 5 Best Ways to Incorporate Your Fence into Your Garden

Are you in need of a new fence this season? Or just fed up with your current fence looking like an eyesore? Your fence doesn’t have to be just another standard design like the rest of your neighbours. Get creative and incorporate your fence into your garden design this season with a few personal touches. Here are some ideas to help get you inspired!


Add Depth With Lighting Features

Lighting features can enhance any space, whether it’s inside or outside. Incorporating light throughout your garden is a great way to illuminate your favourite spaces while adding some character to those not-so-great looking parts. Think of how you can use light to infuse more depth and visual appeal into your landscape. You can use solar-powered lights, lighted post caps, rope lights, lanterns  – the options are endless.


Add Some Personalized Décor Features

There are so many creative and decorative options to choose from today that can instantly enhance the look of your fence. Take a stroll through your local garden centre or home décor boutique, and you’ll find an array of unique décor features, like sculpted butterflies and birds made out of metal, and hanging planters that can be placed along the fence to add some more life to it.


Create A Vibrant Garden

Of course, any fence looks a million times better when it’s the backdrop of a beautiful garden. So be sure to spend some time laying out your garden plan this year. While deciding on what plants, trees or rock features to include, think of how they will pair up alongside the style and colour of your fence. Remember to consider the harsh winter climate in Canada if you want the plants to grow back next year!


Choose a Fence Style That Speaks To You

Just because your neighbours prefer a certain fence design, it doesn’t mean you have to. Choose the style of fencing that you prefer, and that matches the architectural style of your home. Ornamental wrought iron fencing, a white picket fence, or chic and modern vinyl are popular choices to consider if you're looking for something more unique.


Get A Custom Design

One of the best ways to really incorporate your fence into your garden scape is by getting a customized design.  Spend some time shopping around or exploring the different options that are available to you. Before you decide on a fencing contractor, inquire about what type of customizations they offer.


At Ideal Fence, we’re your one-stop-shop for all things fence related. Whether you need repairs on your current fence or require an entirely new one with customizable options – we offer the reliable and dedicated service you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote!

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