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5 Reasons Your Fence is an Amazing Design Element

5 Reasons Your Fence is an Amazing Design Element

Customizing the look of your outdoor space is always a fun way to spruce up your exterior while reflecting your personality at the same time.  And the best part is, it doesn’t take much time or effort to improve the look of your yard. All that’s needed is a little imagination to see how you can improve and enhance those features that capture your eye the most – like your fence. Your fence doesn’t have to be the eyesore of the garden. There are many different reasons why your fence is an amazing design element that’s worth sprucing up. Just think of it as a blank canvas! Learn how to get creative with your fence and landscape this summer with these unique ideas to get you inspired.


Paint It Any Colour

Even if your current fence is looking a little rough and worse for wear after the onslaught of winter weather, sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it needs. After giving it a thorough rinse to get rid of the leftover winter grime, let it dry and then consider what colour or stain can boost the look of it. Depending on your type of fence, you can choose from a wide range of stains or colours to match with your landscape and home exterior.


Hang Planters

Why not bring some of those vibrant floral colours up to eye level? With some decorative hanging planters, your fence can become an extension of your garden while showing off your favourite flowers during the spring and summer months.


Adding Cool Lighting Features

With such a broad, flat surface to work with, you can illuminate your favourite areas of the garden by incorporating lighting features along the fence. Use hanging lanterns, solar lights, rope lights or something similar to create some depth and character to your landscape instantly.


Customize The Design

Another big reason why your fence is an amazing design element is because of the different customizable options that are available today. If you’re in the market for a new fence this year, be sure to inquire about custom options before choosing your contractor.


Reflect Your Style

Why not take advantage of this prominent feature in your yard by adding unique décor features from your local garden centre that reflects your personal style and home. The fence is often an underutilized backdrop of the garden, but it has so much potential for improving the look of your outdoor space. So make use of it!


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