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5 Benefits of Privacy Fences

6 Benefits of Privacy Fences

5 Benefits of Privacy Fences

There are many obvious reasons for installing a privacy fence, like keeping prying eyes and nosy neighbours away from your property. But beyond the obvious, there are some other advantages to having that partition in your yard. Here are just a few of the not-so-obvious benefits of a privacy fence.

Helps Buffer the Bad Weather

When intense storms whip up, they can cause plenty of damage to your landscape and any features throughout it. A strong, well-constructed fence can act as an additional layer of protection, helping to buffer those strong wind gusts and providing shelter to your delicate plants and flower beds. Your fence can also prevent other objects from slamming against your siding, windows and other structures.

Seclusion for Family Events

Host your family gatherings in complete comfort and privacy without disturbing your neighbours. You can let the nieces and nephews run around and play in the backyard without having to worry about them wandering off or constantly kicking the ball into your neighbours’ bushes. A fence makes it more enjoyable and easier when you’re hosting since you won’t have to worry about who and what is around you.

Deters Pool Crashes 

If you own a pool, having a fence is a must. Aside from protecting neighbouring kids from falling into the pool, it will also deter any pool crashers who may be looking to stir up some trouble during those summer heatwaves. You and your family can enjoy your poolscape without any discomfort from onlookers too.

Add More Greenery

If you’ve been dreaming of having a vibrant garden filled with greenery, your fence can act as the perfect structure to support your favourite variety of climbers. Choose from fragrant Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea, Boston ivy, or English Ivy. Each of these are easy, low-maintenance plants that will transform your fence into a stunning backdrop for your landscape.

Keep Thieves Away

Another benefit of having a fence is preventing thieves from viewing and targeting your property. If they can’t easily see inside your home or gain access to it quickly, the chance of them targeting your home to break in is far lower compared to properties that are not secured. An additional barrier created by your fence is enough to deter and keep burglars away from your home and valuables. 

Make Your Backyard Cozier

A wide-open backyard might give the kids lots of room to run around, but it will lack the intimate atmosphere that makes the backyard comfortable and cozy. An enclosed yard is much more inviting, and gives homeowners plenty of ways to transform their outdoor space into the perfect place to enjoy some R&R. You could string up some lights across the fence, hang some flowers, add ornate garden décor – it’s like a blank canvas!

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