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Fence Installation Process: What to Expect

fence-installation-process-what-to-expectIf you want to upgrade your fencing, it’s a good idea to understand how the installation process works before you find the right contractor. This guide reviews everything you need to know about the process, from hiring a professional to the final result.

Hiring a Professional Fence Installation Service

Before contracting a fence installation company, you should ensure you’ll get quality work at a fair price. It’s a good idea to research at least three different contractors and get quotes before you decide who you’d like to work with.

The things you should look for in your research include:

  • The amount of time the company has been in business and its local reputation
  • Whether reviews are available and what other people have to say
  • The company’s warranty policy
  • If the company has the proper insurance to work on your project
  • The price of the materials and labour

Sometimes, paying a little more for experienced contractors who back their work up is worth it. It all depends on your priorities. Keep this in mind as you make price comparisons.

Choosing Your Fencing Options and Materials

There are many fence installation options to choose from, and what’s right for you could depend on factors like your terrain, aesthetic preferences and the purpose of your fence. Your options include:

Choosing the right materials and type of fence can be the most challenging part of the fence installation process, but when you speak to a professional like us at Ideal Fence, we can help you determine which option is best for you.


Before your fence construction, you follow these steps:

1. Estimate

We recommend that you get multiple estimates to know you’re getting a fair deal for the work being done. The estimate should include the cost of materials, labour and any local permits you need to start the work.

2. Permits and Approvals

You don’t need a permit for your fence installation in Ottawa, but you should check the local bylaws to ensure you follow the proper procedures and construction codes. Your fencing contractor can also help you with this.

3. Marking Utility Lines

Marking utility lines can help prevent costly construction accidents. You need to dig to install fence posts, so it’s essential to contact your local utility companies and have them mark your property. Your fence contractor will use these markers to install the posts without hitting electric, gas and cable lines.


Once you’ve obtained all the appropriate pre-construction procedures, the steps that occur next are as follows:

  • The layout for the fence posts is created, including how far apart each post will be and the exact route of the fence.
  • Holes are dug at designated intervals to place the posts into.
  • Gravel is poured into the base of the holes. Some fences also require concrete pouring.
  • The posts are installed in the holes before any rails or panels are attached. These posts must be secured before proceeding to the next step.
  • If your fence has pickets, this step comes next.
  • Post caps are installed last.
  • Wood fences are treated with sealant and stain to give the desired appearance.

During the construction process, you can choose to be present, but this is only necessary if your contractor needs something specific from you. In most cases, fence construction goes smoothly, and homeowners can go about their day without supervising the crew.


After your fence is installed, the final steps include:

  • Inspecting the fence to ensure that it’s safe and able to withstand wind and weather events
  • Cleaning the fence and removing any debris or materials that are still on the ground after installation
  • Performing any last touch-ups to the fence that are needed to make sure it looks its best

Can I Install a Fence Myself?

You can certainly install a fence yourself, but it can be challenging without the right expertise and tools. If you don’t install a fence correctly, you run the risk of it collapsing. Poor construction could also significantly reduce the lifespan of your fence, forcing you to spend more money to replace it before you’re ready.

Find Your Ideal Fence

Ideal Fence has the experience and know-how you need to install a quality fence at an affordable price. We’re here to help every step of the way, from finding the fence that speaks to you to completing the final touches. Contact us today to get an estimate.

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