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Rhino-Fence – Why it’s the best PVC/Vinyl fence on the market

The best fence companies only source high quality products. This is especially important when it comes to PVC/Vinyl products. Our qualified installers for example, have been working with the Rhino-Fence product for well over a decade.

Rhino-Fence is constructed with an innovative H-post along with rails and boards that are among the thickest and most robust in the industry.

With profiles that are engineered and manufactured to strict tolerances it becomes a powerful, easy-to-install system. All our Rhino-Fence profiles work in harmony for precision fit which lends itself to custom styles but does not compromise the strength of the fence. This flexibility yet strength of the fence offers homeowners the look that fits their needs.

This fence won’t rot, split, splinter or decay. It is a proven innovative fence system that can withstand the harsh northern climates. With Homeland’s ACCU-Shield coating, it’s easy to see why Rhino-Fence has been a market favorite in and around Canada for over 15 years.

Learn more about the types of fencing that may be best for you, take a look at our Fence Installation page or our FAQ's.

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