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Copy of 3 Signs Your Fence was Damaged Over the Winter

3 Signs Your Fence was Damaged Over the Winter

Copy of 3 Signs Your Fence was Damaged Over the Winter

3 Signs Your Fence was Damaged Over the Winter

As Canadians, we don’t shy away from the cold, but when it comes to our outdoor areas, they can endure quite a lot after the winter season. Fences can be particularly vulnerable to the temperature fluctuations, strong wind gusts, and snow which can leave behind loose posts, rotting boards, and a weakened structure. 

Worried about the condition of your fence? Here are some of the most common signs that your fence was damaged over the winter. If you notice any of these, give us a call and we’ll come to repair or replace it.

When It’s Leaning

With so much snow accumulating over the winter and piling up along the fence, it’s common to have a leaning fence left after the season, especially with the combination of high wind gusts. Constant pressure and moisture from the snow can cause it to shift and weaken, especially if it’s an older fence. When this happens, there are two things you can do – adjust the position of the posts and straighten it up for a temporary solution or have it replaced completely for a permanent one. Either way, it will eventually need to be replaced once it’s weakened in the ground.  

When There’s Wood Rot

Another common affliction to fence surfaces is wood rot. Constant exposure to moisture can provoke mildew and rotted areas to form which can cause the wood to deteriorate fast. Aside from being an eyesore to look at, it can also spread to other areas of the fence, weakening it significantly over time. The best way to tackle rot is by replacing any boards where it has developed. If there’s noticeable rot just about everywhere, replacing it is your only alternative. Talk to your fence expert about using the best, durable material for your location that can hold up to moisture.

When There’s Moisture Damage

Whether it’s wood, chain link, vinyl or iron, water can be damaging to most fence materials with enough exposure, though some materials will hold up better than others. That’s why regular maintenance is so crucial for helping your fence withstand our harsh Canadian climate and last as long as possible. If you notice any areas of rust, peeling, cracks or if the structural integrity of your fence feels weak, these are clear signs that your fence was damaged over the winter and should be fixed in the spring.

When you need a replacement or repairs performed on your fence, give us a call at Ideal Fence. Our expert crew can tackle any residential or commercial fence problems throughout Ottawa. 

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