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Our Backyard Spring Cleaning Guide!

Our Backyard Spring Cleaning Guide!

Our Backyard Spring Cleaning Guide!

Our Backyard Spring Cleaning Guide!

Giving the backyard a thorough cleaning once the weather has warmed isn’t just done in preparation for the summer. Maintaining exterior surfaces like your patio, deck and fence will also help them last longer. That’s why a good cleanup at least once per year is worth the effort to avoid piling on more work, repairs or replacements down the road. To prepare your outdoor space for the warmer months just ahead, make it easier with our backyard spring cleaning guide below.

Walk Around to Inspect for Damage

Before you get out any equipment and tools, take a little time to do a walk-through of the backyard. Start from your back door and inspect for any signs of damage – broken or chipped patio stones, wobbly deck boards, rotting areas along the fence – take note of anything that looks in need of some attention. Repairing minor areas of concern now is worth it to avoid dealing with much bigger problems in the future if they’re left ignored. Since the patio and fence are more susceptible to damage after the winter season, make sure to be thorough with your inspection, especially if you have any small pets. If the fence is leaning or feels loose within the ground, call a fence expert to repair it or have it replaced.

Clean Out Gutters

All of the winter debris that gets washed down through the eavestroughs can cause it to clog up and create water blockages. This can leave pools of water around your home, making it more vulnerable to moisture damage. Make sure to clear out the gutters to avoid facing any drainage or moisture issues, and perform any repair if they’re starting to crack or pull away from the roof. 

Give Everything a Good Rinse

When it’s time to take out the patio furniture from storage, it’s also a good time to wash it and everything else down. You can use a little soap and water to clean your deck and patio to wash away any dirt, grime and potential mildewy spots that can cause rot. Don’t forget to include the interlock, barbeque, patio doors, and windows. Doing this after the winter can help your outdoor furniture and surfaces last longer.

Tackle Your Lawn and Garden

Once your hardscapes are done, you can focus on sprucing up your landscape. Start by pulling up any weeds that have sprouted, grabbing from the base to yank them up from the roots. Spring is also a good time to aerate your lawn, which can be done next. This process punctures holes all throughout the turf to loosen it up and allow water and nutrients to access the grassroots more easily. You can rent out an aerator machine at your garden center or hire a landscaper to do it for you. After aerating, rake the grass thoroughly to remove dead leaves, debris, and dead grass. If your grass is sparse, considering adding topsoil and grass seed to thicken it up and prevent weed growth.

If your fence is in need of a few repairs or an entire replacement after the winter melt, give us a call at Ideal Fence in Ottawa. We offer professional, high-quality service and workmanship for all of your residential or commercial fencing needs. Get in touch with us today. 

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