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Everything You Need to Know About Iron Fencing

Everything You Need to Know About Iron Fencing

Are you weighing your options between installing an iron fence and another material? Before you decide, get the information you need to make a better-informed decision right here. Learn everything you need to know about iron fencing and what it can offer you over the other fencing materials that are available. 

Cast Iron and Wrought Iron

Throughout history, high society used iron fencing as a sign of wealth to decorate their outdoor spaces. A durable metal, many of these fences constructed over the past hundred years are still standing today. However, there wasn’t just one kind of iron fencing, but two: cast iron and wrought iron.

Cast iron is formed by melting iron ore with other metals or alloys. This molten mixture is then poured into a mould where it settles and cools. It is relatively brittle, making it unmalleable and incredibly hard. 

Wrought iron starts with raw metal which is then is heated and maneuvered with tools. It contains a small percentage of elemental oxides. Constant heating and cooling forces this material into the shape the worker desires. Wrought iron also grows stronger the more it is worked, and is very resistant to breaking under large amounts of pressure. 

Wrought Iron Isn’t Made Anymore 

Wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale. Since steel is much easier and more affordable to make, wrought was eventually phased out years ago. But just because you can’t buy a wrought iron fence anymore doesn’t mean you can’t get an iron fence. There are many other alternatives to wrought iron that are just as strong, if not even better than wrought. One is modular iron. Modular iron is basically steel that’s made from zinc and aluminum to create galvalume. Galvalume is incredibly strong, and it even performs better than galvanized steel over time, providing years of maximum protection from snow, rain and ice. 

Iron Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Modular iron fencing is also more aesthetically pleasing than other fence types, including ones made of galvanized iron materials. Known as ‘ornamental fences’, modular iron is designed to look just like the traditional iron fencing but without the maintenance involved. They’re also easier to customize than those from the past. Modular iron comes in a variety of styles, sizes, scrollwork, spear tops, and finishes that allow you to find the perfect custom design for your needs and property. 

Iron Offers Maximum Protection 

Iron is the strongest fencing material you can buy. Modular iron is even stronger than wrought and aluminum, offering homeowners excellent protection and security for their property. This type of iron can also be easily customized to be more heavy-duty by installing larger pickets, posts and rails that will add extra strength and stability. 

Iron Fencing Is Long Lasting

Iron is tough and long-lasting. With the proper care, modular iron can easily last upwards of 60 years! Even here in Canada with all the rain, snow and temperature changes, iron can stand the test of time. Thanks to its unique coating, it’s incredibly hard to dent or bend, and scratches can easily be touched up. Best of all, most modular iron fencing comes with a lengthy warranty.  

Iron Is Low Maintenance

The galvalume coating on modular iron protects the fence from rotting and fading over time. Aside from the occasional washing, there’s not much upkeep you need to do with this type of fence. It will last for decades with little change to its appearance.

Watch Out for Vegetation Growth

While many homeowners love the contrast of a hedge or greenery against the look of their iron fence, it is best to keep these plants away from the structure itself. The debris, dirt, and moisture associated with vegetation can wear away at the coating and metal, compromising its durability by causing rust and corrosion. While you can plant anything near your iron fence, ensure that it does not wrap around or touch it. Keep branches and leaves trimmed away to ensure it retains its strength.

Provides Privacy and a View

Many fencing options give homeowners more privacy but also block any sense of the view they might have, making any yard feel isolated. An iron fence gives you the best of both worlds, creating a secure perimeter that you can still see through. This perameter marker can be as short or tall as you need it to be, but regardless, won’t take away from your ability to see your surroundings.

Iron Is Affordable

Many people assume that the luxurious looks of iron fencing mean it’s expensive. However, that is not true. So, how much does an iron fence cost? Iron is actually more affordable than most people think. With so many different designs and sizes to choose from, you can easily find an iron fence to match your needs and budget.

Can I Install an Iron Fence Myself?

Due to the simple yet intricate appearance of this material, you might be wondering how to install an iron fence, such as whether you need to hire a professional or it’s a more of a DIY project. With a little know-how and the right tools, it is possible to make this an outdoor job that you can tackle within a few weekends. However, working with a professional fencing company ensures everything will be done correctly and in a timely manner. Plus, you’ll have options regarding design and materials that are not always available at home renovation stores. 

Get the upscale elegance of an iron fence for your property at a price you can be happy with. Contact us at Ideal Fence today to speak with one of our representatives.

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