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How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

Decorating is all part of the holiday fun, but one area that often gets overlooked is the fence. It’s like an untapped blank canvas! There are many fun ways you can get creative and spruce it up to add some colour, light and festive cheer during the cold winter months. Whether you want to make decorating a fun activity or a playful competition to outshine your neighbours, here are some holiday fence decorating tips to help you get started.

Things to Consider First

Before you plan your holiday fence decorations, there are some things you may want to consider beforehand:

Your Type of Fence

Some decorations can look better depending on the type of fence. Solid fencing like cedar, wood, PVC, or vinyl can provide a good backdrop for your ornaments because it can create visibility and contrast. Chain-link or wrought iron fences are more transparent, meaning that your decorations might blend with the landscaping. To avoid this, opt for bold and bulky to get the same visibility and contrast as a solid fence. 

Weather and Safety

Winter weather can be anything but pleasant for your fence decor. Use sturdy mounting fixtures and water-resistant materials to ensure that your ornaments will not get damaged by wind or snow. Use extension cords designed for the outdoors and inspect them for rips before use.

Colour Coordination

You may also want to consider how your decorations will go with the colour of your fence. If you wish to coordinate tones, try to go for shades that complement your fence while being aware that if your colours match too much, the decorations may become less visible.

Holiday Fence Decorating Tips

Deciding on your holiday fence decorations can be an exciting challenge. Here are some ideas to help you get started: 

Find a Theme

A theme is a fun way to show your character and the amount of thought you put into your fence. For example, you can coordinate a Disney theme, Santa and his reindeer, or a nativity scene. You can find figures to stick on your fence or DIY them by creating cardboard cutouts. This can be an exciting collaborative activity with your friends or family as you brainstorm ideas.

Hang Oversized Garland and Bows

It’s a classic look that never gets old. When you’re stumped on how to spruce up your yard, go old school with some oversized green garland with accents like pinecones, lights or vibrant red bows. It’s an elegant touch that looks great on any style of fence, whether it’s a vinyl, iron, or cedar fence. Make sure your garland is secured, and remember to layer it if you have a more transparent fence so that your display will stand out.

String Some Lights

Lights are always a welcomed addition during the dark winter evenings. To add some colour and pops of brightness to your backyard, string some lights along the fence. Icicle, clip-on or rope lights work well as they’re some of the easiest types to install. Don’t forget to use outdoor-safe extension cords and run the wiring safely to avoid fire hazards or accidental trips and falls.

Use Spotlights

If you want to brighten your backyard while highlighting certain features of your garden, spotlights are an ideal way to do so. You can choose white light, red or green bulbs and position them, so they illuminate the decorations on your fence while also showcasing some of your winter vegetation. 

Hang Wreaths

There are many different ways to decorate your fence for the holidays, and using wreaths is one of the easiest. Whether you decide to make your own or get some store-bought ones, arrange them along the fence and space them out so they don’t look too cluttered. Remember to fasten them securely, so they don’t fall off or blow away.

Wooden Letters and Signage

You can find many creative wooden signs and oversized letters that are designed just for the holidays. Spell out words like Noel, Joy, Merry Christmas, or get a premade sign that has a special sentiment on it that you love. Hang them on their own or combine them with some of the other holiday decoration ideas above. It’s a cute, modern, rustic touch that can blend well with some classic décor. To add an extra festive spark, you can find wooden letters that light up so they will be visible and easy to read, even in the dark.

Use Large Outdoor Ornaments

Another fun fence decorating idea that can also be turned into a DIY activity for you and the kids is large Christmas ornaments. Use cut-outs of reindeer, create cardboard snowflakes, or pick some up at your local store to hang along the fence using some fishing wire. You can also try large inflatable decorations, which can add bold touches, whether you hang them or prop them up right beside your fence.

There are many ways to decorate your perimeter and make it your own this holiday season. Ideal Fence has many options for all your festive themes if you want to install a new fence this winter. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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