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Pet Enclosures: Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Space for Your Furry Friends

Are you fully utilizing your backyard and allowing your pets to thrive whenever they go outside? An outdoor pet enclosure is a place where your furry friends can satisfy their instinct to explore and play. It’s important to make sure that the enclosure you choose is adequate to keep your pet contained, safe and entertained.

This guide reviews common outdoor pet enclosures and how you can choose one that’s right for your pets.

Why Pet Enclosures Are Important

Aside from needing time to explore the world outside, pets may need to be outdoors for other reasons, such as going to the bathroom or when you need them out of the way to clean the house. Pet enclosures make it possible for you to let your pet outside without needing to supervise them, as long as you don’t intend to leave them there for extended periods of time.

These enclosures also protect your neighbours, delivery workers, and others from mishaps with your pet. They keep your pets safe from many of the things that could harm them as well.

dogs and chain link fence

Types of Pet Enclosures

There are plenty of fencing materials available to create a pet enclosure.

Chain link fences are one of the most traditional pet enclosures and work for pets that aren’t capable of jumping or climbing great heights.

Pressure-Treated Wood

If you choose a pressure-treated wood fence, you can keep your enclosure more private and reduce the chance that a dog could scale the fence.

PVC and Vinyl

If you want to allow your cats to explore the outdoors while keeping them from escaping, you could design a cat enclosure using PVC fencing. On the other hand, vinyl fencing is durable and can be altered to keep your pets inside. Once installed, you don’t need to worry too much about maintaining them because they keep their strength and appearance.

Designing a Safe Pet Enclosure

The right outdoor pet enclosures vary depending on the size, type and needs of your pets. For example, you may need a different enclosure for multiple large pets than a small dog. When designing your pet enclosure, you should consider the following features:

  • – A gate that allows you easy access in and out of the enclosure
  • – Security measures to keep people or animals you don’t want to get into your fence outside
  • – Opportunities to keep your pet entertained
  • – The physical space your fence will occupy and the natural features it has

Enrichment and Entertainment in Pet Enclosures

A pet enclosure shouldn’t simply be an uninviting and dull environment to send your pet out to whenever they need to go to the bathroom. If you make it exciting for your pets, it can improve their moods, keep them physically fit and improve your relationship with them dramatically. Some of the things that you can include in your pet enclosure include the following:

  • – Structures meant for climbing or to be part of an obstacle course
  • – Hiding spots your pets can use for playing or to get out of view of potential threats
  • – Plenty of toys your pets can use to explore, play games or keep themselves occupied
  • – A sandbox for your dogs to dig in if they have a natural digging instinct
  • – Vibrant plants (pet-friendly), bird feeders and other items that can bring natural stimuli to your enclosed space

Safety Measures and Pet-Proofing

When you’re considering safety measures for your pet enclosure, consider the following:

  • – Threats to your pets from within the enclosed space due to storms, intruders, rough play or pests
  • – Threats to your pets from outside the enclosure which may enter the space and do your pets harm
  • – The potential for your pet to escape the space and wander

When selecting the ideal pet enclosure, you should prioritize keeping your pets in and anything else you don’t want out. Make sure that you choose a fence that is tall enough to keep your pets from jumping or climbing over it. Also, ensure the gate you choose is sturdy and can’t be pushed open easily.

When selecting structures to include in your enclosure, choose ones that your pets can’t become trapped under or in between. Consider also including some sort of space where your pet can retreat.

Create a Perfect Pet Space With Ideal Fence

Whether you’re looking to add curb appeal to your home, provide a space your family can enjoy when the weather is warm, or allow your pets to have their own place to play, Ideal Fence can help. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find a solution that matches your needs and budget.

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