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How High Can You Build a Fence in Ottawa?

How High Can You Build a Fence in Ottawa?

How High Can You Build a Fence in Ottawa?

How High Can You Build a Fence in Ottawa?

Did you know that you can’t build a fence in Ottawa that’s higher than 1 meter in your front yard? Homeowners are often unaware of the regulations that govern the size of their fence in both the front and back yard of their property. Every city, town and even village in Ontario has by-laws that stipulate how high your fence can be as well as the size of gates, archways and decorative caps. To make sure you don’t build a fence that you have to tear down soon after, learn more about the City of Ottawa’s fence by-laws in this article.

Height Regulations in Ottawa

In Ottawa, residential properties are permitted to have a 1 metre fence in the front yard and 2.13 metres in any other yard on their property. Non-residential properties can go as high as 3 meters, measured from the grade at the base of the fence to the top. In special cases, the Director of By-law services may permit the fence to be built up to 3 meters in height, but only if the fence is necessary to ensure public safety. 

The city also allows for an extra 30 centimetres for a gate, an extra 250 centimetres for an archway that forms part of an entrance, and 15 centimetres for a decorative cap on a structural post. For those with corner lots, Ottawa residents must also abide by rules regarding visibility triangles, where no fence can exceed 75 centimetres in height.

Other Regulations

The by-law also stipulates that the fence must be stable, vertical, made of high-quality materials and suitable for the purpose. The fence shall also be kept in safe and structurally sound condition, in good repair and free from accidents and hazards. The by-law even goes as far as requiring every person who erects a fence to ensure it is protected by paint, preservatives, and other weather-resistant material unless it is made of wood or treated. 

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

A lot can go wrong when you build a fence on your own. Not only are you restricted by size but also by the property lines. If you don’t check where your property starts and ends before digging, you might encroach on your neighbour’s property or worse, rupture a pipe or electrical line underneath. Best case scenario, you will have to remove your fence and start over. The worst case includes hefty fines and lawsuits. Avoid these costly mistakes by contacting a professional contractor first. They know what materials to use, where to dig, how high your fence can be, and what the best location is for optimal privacy and stability.

Call us at Ideal Fence today. We’ll help you pick the right materials and install your fence for you so that you don’t have to worry about making any costly mistakes.

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